Chapter 6 Section 1- WC

Chapter 6 Section 1- WC - Chapter 6 Section 1 The rise of...

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Evangelist - preacher Disciple - followers Parable - simple stories that teach moral lessons Missionary - person who works to teach and spread religion Epistle - letters ~The Gospels Are The Primary Sources of Jesus’ Life We know the life of Jesus from books in the New Testament in the Bible- “the Gospels” (meaning: good news/tidings) Mathew, Mark, Luke and John wrote the gospels Jesus was born to Jewish parents- Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem- which is in the province of Judea Jesus was born in 4 BC When Jesus was 30 yrs old- baptized in the Jordan River by his cousin, John the Baptist (a Jew) John preached reform and repentance The baptism was an important occasion- John named Jesus a savior The Greek word for Messiah is Christos- that’s where Christ comes from Jesus preached and had 12 disciples whom he called his apostles Carried messages and preached throughout Galilee and spoke to many people Controversies between Jesus and emperor about spreading Christianity In AD 30, Jesus led people to Jerusalem- Passover happened Was arrested and sentenced to death- died on the cross Rose from the dead and 40 days later he ascended to heaven and is known as the Son of God Jesus preached that there was only one God and to obey the 10 commandments Preached to anyone who believed and they went to heaven- he often used parables ~The Apostles Spread Jesus’ Message Jesus instructed his disciples to travel and spread “to the whole creation” His apostles did what he said and traveled to Palestine & Syria and taught Christian doctrines Peter- was the most successful disciple- for 30 yrs he carried message and converted many people to Christianity He eventually angered many and was blamed for a fire that swept Rome Nero gave Peter the death sentence ~Paul Transformed Christianity Into a Major Religion Paul of Tarsus was the most effective missionary He was fluent in Greek and Latin He separated Christianity and Judaism- he gave structure and organized Christianity In new testament he’s known as “second founder of Christianity”
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Chapter 6 Section 1- WC - Chapter 6 Section 1 The rise of...

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