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goddess of shopping - has to spend every last penny She is...

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Taarika George Ms. Riccio English I Honors 4 th October 2004 The Goddess of Shopping The Goddess of Shopping goes by the name of Armani. She enjoys spending all of her mom’s money on clothes, shoes, and tons of jewelry. Armani is very generous and loves giving clothes to the less fortunate. She enjoys buying lots of new styles and putting together amazing outfits. Armani is one goddess that can be spotted from a mile away. You know it’s her when you see a young hip woman walking around with arms full of bags, wearing a big hat and an interesting outfit. She has long brown hair, and big brown eyes. You can always catch her fixing her makeup and dabbing on a little bit of lipstick. Armani is the most hip woman in all of Athens. If you don’t find her sitting at her computer and looking at clothes, she is most likely at the mall, buying loads of clothes that she doesn’t need. Armani is never caught with a full wallet at the end of the day; she
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Unformatted text preview: has to spend every last penny. She is the granddaughter of Artemis, although they don’t know where she got her shopping gene from, because it doesn’t trace back to anyone in her family. One very famous myth involved Armani and Zeus. As usual, Armani needed to go shopping, just as she did everyday. Except today she thought she would buy clothes for someone else beside herself. She decided that Zeus was the lucky winner. She noticed how warn out and ragged Zeus had been looking lately and decided to give him one of her makeovers. She set out to the mall as usual and walked straight into “Athens and Fitch”. There she bought Zeus a tie-dyed toga and matching sandals. She brought them to Zeus later that day and he was amazed. He had never worn so much color before. He graciously thanked Armani for brightening up his day. Armani was happy she had made a difference in her own little way....
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goddess of shopping - has to spend every last penny She is...

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