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Respected principal, vice principal, teachers, parents and fellow students, when you think about it, three years seems like a long time. But our three years at SMS are almost over and it feels like we just came here yesterday. In the beginning it was quite scary, being in a whole new environment with people two times the size of us. But it only took us a few weeks and we adapted very quickly. So much so that by the time Open House came along, we were ready to laugh at our parents struggling to keep up with us. And now we are at the top of the class and looking down on those little seventh graders, who were probably just as scared as us on their first day. These past few years in my opinion, have been the best years of my life. As a group we have grown so much and become the people we want to be for the rest of our lives. We have gone from being those little innocent elementary school-ers to somewhat mature teenagers. We also had our teachers there to help us along the way. From Miss BO
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