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Taarika George Period F Due 12/20/04 Effects of Different Glucose Concentrations On Growth of Bacteria 1. The two obvious differences between the two graphs is that in A, the bacteria still lived in the highest concentration of glucose. Also, the graph of the A series curves and the series B data goes straight up. 2. The growth was five times greater when air was present. 3. In 1A and 1B, the data is five times greater. In 2A and 2B, the data is greater by 5 ½ times. In 3A and 3B, the data is 4.7 times greater. In 4A and 4B, the data is 5 times greater. Then in 5A and 5B, the data is 4.6 times greater. 4. It would be predicted that in test tube 6B, there would be 3100 bacteria. Then it would be predicted that in test tube 7B, there would be 4100 bacteria present. 5. Per milligram of glucose, in 4A, there were 3.05 bacteria produced. For 4B, there were about 15.3 bacteria produced per milligram of glucose. 6. A hypothesis to explain the number that were found in number 5 would be: If the
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Unformatted text preview: concentration of glucose is divided by the bacteria growth in part 4A and 4B, then the amount of bacteria per milligram of glucose can be found. There are many more bacteria in the B test tubes than the A test tubes because the bacteria responded better when air was present. 7. Series 6B-9B test tubes should contain some products if glucose that still contain some “unused” energy, because so many bacteria were produced, that they weren’t even possible to count. So, if there were so many, then a lot of their energy wouldn’t get used up. 8. The information that in series A, alcohol was accumulated, relates to the information if question 7 because it shows that glucose can use energy sources without the presence of oxygen and turn them into ethyl alcohol. But, not all of the energy from the sugar was used....
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