pH lab - Taarika George (Partners: Casey Watrous, Cameron...

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Taarika George (Partners: Casey Watrous, Cameron Haley and Rebecca Due 9/20/04 Period F How pH Effects Organisms Survival and Body Functions INTRODUCTION- To live, organisms and cells must keep a fairly stable environment inside their body. But there are some factors that can cause it to be unstable. Those activities can affect the pH, which needs to maintain a certain range for the organisms to function correctly. In this experiment, a pH meter or wide-range pH paper will be used to compare the reactions of different materials when an acid and a base are added. If organisms and cells are able to maintain a stable internal environment then, when a base or acid is added to them, it will not affect their pH very much because many factors inside the organisms affect their pH, and their body needs to be able to counterattack it in order to survive and perform body functions. The variables in this experiment will be the number of drops of the HCl and NaOH and the pH levels. METHOD- 1. In logbook, prepare a table. (See attached table) 2. Pour 25 mL of tap water into a 50-mL beaker. 3. Record the initial pH by using a pH meter, or use forceps to dip small strips of pH paper into the water and compare the color change to a standard color chart. 4. Add 0.1 M HCI a drop at a time. Swirl the mixture gently after each drop. Determine the pH after 5 drops have been added. Repeat this procedure until 30 drops have been used. Record the pH measurements in the table. 5. Rinse the beaker thoroughly. And pour into it another 25 mL of tap water. Record initial pH of the water, and add 0.1 M NaOH drop by drop, recording the pH changes in exactly the same way as for the 0.1 M HCI. 6. Using the biological material assigned by the teacher, repeat steps 2-5. Record the data in the table.
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pH lab - Taarika George (Partners: Casey Watrous, Cameron...

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