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the secret life of bees - Taarika George Response to The...

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Taarika George Response to The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd Dear Ms. Kidd, I just read your book The Secret Life of Bees and it changed my life. I now have a better respect for children without parents and appreciate how blessed I am. You have also made me clearly understand what times in 1964 were for a girl my age and how hard it was to go through life. I was fascinated by how Lily, a fourteen-year old girl and Rosaleen, her nanny, run off to Tiburon, South Carolina, in search of Lily’s mother’s past. She had killed her mother by accident as a little girl and wanted to find out about her. It must have been so hard for her to go through life carrying the burden of that guilt, and it made me feel so bad for her, since it was only an accident. Lily was always conflicted by the fact of not wanting to remember the events surrounding her mother’s death, yet wanting to remember everything else about her mother. It also hurt her to live without her mother. In Tiburon, she meets with the Calendar Sisters, August, May, and June, who knew her mother and they help her to cope with her feelings and they give her all of the love she needs. Without them, I don’t know how she would have dealt with her emotions.
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In your book, Lily finds comfort in looking at old photos and artifacts that bring back memories about her mother. Like her, I find contentment in sitting down with an old photo album and looking back on old memories. I like
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the secret life of bees - Taarika George Response to The...

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