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Assignment: Supporting a Position Choosing a position on capital punishment is truly a hard decision. I have found that throughout my life I have always been good at seeing both sides of the story, and that remains true with this issue. I have to say I believe there are some crimes that do justify the use of capital punishment. I have done the research and financially keeping someone is prison is cheaper. The California death penalty system costs taxpayers $114 million per year beyond the costs of keeping convicts locked up for life. Taxpayers have paid more than $250 million for each of the state’s executions. (L.A. Times, March 6, 2005) This seems like it would sway me the other way, as I am a taxpayer in California, but I still feel in some cases the death penalty is warranted. I do understand most people are against capital punishment, but what about the victims? Why is there a great deal of media surrounding the people on death row, and not around the victims? In 1985, 13-year-old Karen Patterson was shot to death in her bed in North Charleston, S.C. Her
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