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CheckPoint: Taking a Position Part A- The key issue in this comic strip is traditional idea of right or wrong. Anita is faced with deciding to profit by using fraud or doing the right thing and reporting the incident. Anita does suspend judgment on the issue. She goes home after the conversation with Tanya, and thinks about what actions to take. She does not report anything until the next day after giving it even more thought. Anita uses moral judgment to make her decision. In one hand Anita is looking at her wallet and thinking I’m broke, and in the next breath is thinking Tanya is my friend, but this is wrong. This displays a moral judgment because her motivation for not perusing the easy money is that it is wrong to steal the money. Anita took action on the situation. She did take the time to think about options, as she did not report the incident until the next day. She finally came to the conclusion that it is just not right to fraudulently take the money from her
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Unformatted text preview: employer even if others had been doing it without getting caught. Part B-I make recommendations for people to be either retained or discharged from the military after testing positive on a drug test. I had a person test positive for codeine, and it happened to be a higher ranking officer. I made a quick judgment that it was a prescription, and promptly contacted the individual to get the prescription and clear the case. I took the position that it was a prescription based on the rank of the individual, and I fought to stall actions until it was proved otherwise. This Soldier did not have a legal prescription, so we had to initiate actions to separate him from the military. The decision to start this process was a logical decision based on given regulations and policy. I took action on this issue because I initiated the separation proceedings....
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