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CRT205 WK8 DQ2 - choose has the right to utilize any means...

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After viewing the CNN news clip about Terri Schiavos’ case is an example of utilitarianism and relativism. My stance is that Terri can feel pain and pleasure still even though she has some brain damage; therefore she deserves to have the rights described in the first amendment. Her parents are Catholics, and the Pope even stated that “the giving of food and water by doctors would be a natural act.”. I was raised Catholic, though now chose no specific denomination. I still feel that every person if they
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Unformatted text preview: choose has the right to utilize any means necessary to keep them from dying. Morally I feel it would be wrong to starve Terri to death. She is not a vegetable, she is unable to swallow. Terri’s mother explained that Terri is very much still alive, and shows emotion and is not in pain and is very pleasurable. This is why utilitarianism applies to this issue. Relativism applies because as explained above the Catholics feel that Terri should be allowed to have doctors help to feel and hydrate her....
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