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CRT 205 – Critical Thinking Week 9 – Capstone Checkpoint Thinking critically will influence the way I read by being able to recognize arguments from claims, identify premises and conclusions within arguments, and evaluate the arguments to determine if they are valid, strong, or weak. It will influence the way I write by reviewing my own ideas to make sure that they make sense, using the same skills to identify valid and strong arguments in others’ writing to ensure that my own arguments are valid or strong. I will process information differently in the future, looking for subjectivism, value judgments, rhetoric, or other expressions that may make an argument seem more powerful. When evaluating articles, critical thinking should be applied by assessing the claims made in the articles and the author or source of the
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Unformatted text preview: information. When evaluating advertising, critical thinking should be applied because ads only give as much information as is necessary to get the reader to want to make the purchase of what is being advertised. Details needed by the consumer are not included in advertisements just the pretty images to get the consumer into the store. When evaluating the media, critical thinking should be applied by recognizing or researching if the media outlet is generally credible. When evaluating conversations, critical thinking should be applied by assessing if the person has expertise relating to their claims or arguments. Critical thinking helps me to evaluate how much trust to put into what I am told....
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