official lang move - Running head: THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE...

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Running head: THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 1 The Official Language Movement J'neen Rice ETH 125 December 16, 2010 Ms. Amalfitano
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THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE MOVEMENT 2 The Official Language Movement 1. CheckPoint: The Official Language Movement Resource: Racial and Ethnic Groups , the Internet, and the University Library Investigate the official language movement, which is an important Hispanic American cultural interest, described on pp. 243–244 of the text by researching bilingualism in education and politics in the United States. Find four to six credible Web sites or articles that support, oppose, or present information about bilingualism in education or politics. Most sources will focus exclusively on either topic of education or politics; therefore, try to find at least two sources per topic. Write one paragraph about each source, summarizing the main points presented. Provide APA-formatted reference citations. Submit all of your summaries in a 200- to 300-word attachment. Bilingualism in education International School of Peninsula which was established in 1979 for French Americans still supports a bilingual education. They promote this kind of education and say it helps people have an open mind. They
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official lang move - Running head: THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE...

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