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PSIO 201 Required Handout Department of Physiology Siding bones Once you have learned to identify the bones and bone features of the appendicular skeleton, you can determine the side of the body that each paired bone comes from (left or right). To side a bone, you need to find a feature on the anterior or posterior surface of the bone, as well as one on the medial or lateral surface. That way you can determine which side of the bone faces anteriorly, and which faces medially (keeping in mind standard anatomical position). Then you can decide how the bone fits into the skeleton! Bone Anterior / posterior feature Medial / lateral feature Scapula Spine on the posterior surface Glenoid fossa faces laterally Notes: Humerus Olecranon fossa on the posterior distal end Proximal head faces medially Notes: Ulna
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Unformatted text preview: Trochlear notch is anterior on the proximal end Proximal radial notch faces laterally Notes: Radius Concavity (smooth surface) of the anterior distal surface Distal styloid process extends laterally Notes: Femur Intercondylar notch on the posterior distal end Proximal head faces medially Notes: Tibia Tibial tuberosity and anterior crest on the anterior surface Medial malleolus on the distal end Notes: Coxal bone (Os coxa) Pubic bone faces anteriorly; greater sciatic notch is posterior Acetabulum is on the lateral surface Notes: Sexing the coxal bone (os coxa) To determine if a coxal bone is from a male or a female skeleton, locate the greater sciatic notch of the coxal bone. If the notch has a narrow angle, the coxal bone is from a male. If the notch has a wide angle, the coxal bone is from a female....
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