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PSIO 201 Required Handout Department of Physiology Cow eye structures Structure Description Sclera The white of the eye. A coat of dense connective tissue that adds to the shape of the eye and provides protection of the internal eye structures. Cornea The anterior most portion of the sclera. It appears cloudy in preserved specimens. The cornea is the first portion of the eye to receive light. Conjunctiva A mucous membrane that overlies the anterior surface of the eye and serves to protect the cornea from mechanical damage. Optic nerve Cranial nerve II can be seen exiting the back of the eye en route to the brain. This nerve carries information regarding visual stimuli to the occipital lobe. Ciliary body A black pigmented body that appears as a halo encircling the lens. It consists of mostly muscle for controlling the tension of the suspensory ligaments. The ciliary body also secretes the aqueous humor that circulates in the anterior cavity of the eye.
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