Guidelines for the Practical Exam in PSIO 201

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PSIO 201 Department of Physiology Guidelines for the Practical Exam in PSIO 201 Practical begins promptly at _____________ (please note the time mentioned by your TA; this may or may not be the same as your lab start time) Wait outside the lab until your TA opens the door. Put your backpack in the back of the room and take only a pencil with you when you sit down at the station The station at which you will start the practical will be highlighted on your Practical Answer Sheet. Please make sure you start writing your answers at that number on the answer sheet. 25 stations (45 pts), one short answer question (5 pts) – one of the questions will be on a clinical application presented by the TA or the preceptor 1.5 minutes per station (except for practical 1 when you will get 2.0 minutes)
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Unformatted text preview: • You cannot physically return to a station that you have already been at, but can write yourself a note to look over when you have time at easier stations or at the end of the exam. • You should keep your paper folded when you are done answering the questions at a station. • When you ask a question, you must close your paper when your TA comes over to you. • Cheating includes writing on the table, looking at another student’s answer sheet or looking at another station other than the one you are at. • Spelling needs to be phonetically correct to receive full credit. • Read the questions carefully and answer only what you are asked. If you have 2 answers written down, you will not get full credit even if one of them is correct. • Write neatly and concisely....
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