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Simple Squamous Epithelia

Simple Squamous Epithelia - columnar epithelial cells have...

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Simple Squamous Epithelia Mesothelium (epithelial layer of serous membranes) – secretion of serous fluid into serous cavity Alveoli (air sacs of lungs) – single layer of squamous cells creates a short distance for diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide Glomerular capsule (part of filtration membrane in kidney) – filtration of blood urine filtrate (substance that is converted into urine) Endothelium of capillaries – single layer of squamous cell secretes a short distance for diffusion of substances between blood and interstitial fluid (tissue fluid) Simple Cuboidal Epithelia Walls of kidney tubules – modify urine filtrate by absorption of substances from the filtrate and secretion of other substances into the filtrate Glands – secretion of products made by the simple cuboidal epithelial cells Simple Columnar Epithelia Lining of stomach and intestines – secretion of digestive juices by simple columnar cells and secretion of mucus by goblet cells. In the small intestine the simple columnar epithelial
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Unformatted text preview: columnar epithelial cells have microvilli to increase surface area for absorption Uterine tubes – simple columnar epithelial cells have cilia that help move the egg to the uterus Central canal of spinal cord – ciliated cells move cerebrospinal fluid Stratified Squamous Epithelia Surface of skin (keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) – epithelial layer of skin is a tough, dry, waterproof outer surface that form a protective barrier Lining of mouth, esophagus, anus, and vagina (non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) – moist epithelial layer that forms a protective barrier in areas subject to abrasion and friction Transitional Epithelia Lining of urinary bladder and parts of the ureters and the urethra – provides a protective barrier that permits distension Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelia Lining of nasal cavity, trachea, and bronchi – secretion of mucus by goblet cells. The columnar cells have cilia which move mucus toward the pharynx....
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  • Epithelial cells, columnar epithelial cells, simple squamous epithelia, Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelia

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