Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes - PSIO 201 Optional Handout...

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PSIO 201 Optional Handout Department of Physiology The majority of words in anatomy and physiology are formed from these units. This is the most comprehensive list that I’ve found and it was compiled by Ed Friedlander MD. If you like to teach this kind of thing when introducing new terms, this list should help you out. Most of them are derived from classical Greek, with Latin being the next most common source. Enjoy. Stems acanth spine, prickle aceto vinegar acou hear acro extremity, tip, sharp actin ray, beam acu sharp, abrupt, sudden adeno gland adipo fat aero air (a)esth perception agogue leader agon contest, struggle ala wing alb white algo pain alien stranger, strange allelo one another, mutual amauros blind am(o)eb constantly changing ambi/amph both sides ambly dim, faint ambul(o)- walk amnio amnion, "bowl" amylo starch andro male angio vessel (blood, bile) ankyl bent, crooked; a joint locked in one position annulus little ring anser goose anthem flower anthrac black anthro man / human aort aorta aphro froth, sexual love aqu water arachn spider, spiderweb archo ancient, beginning argy silver, shiny artero artery (as opposed to vein) arthro joint artic little joint asthm panting, short breaths athero gruel atri entry chamber axilla armpit axo center, axis aud hear aur hear aus hear auto self aux make grow azo nitrogen bac(t) rod ball throw balano acorn, glans blast sprout blenno snot bleph eyelid bol throw brachi arm brady slow branch gill bronch bronchus bucc cheek (inside) burs bursa, purse caes cut deep c(h)ord notochord c(o)ele rupture carpo wrist calci limestone calco heel, spur calyc cup campy bend
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PSIO 201 Optional Handout Department of Physiology canc crab capo head, expanded part centr center carbo charcoal, carbon carcin crab carcinoma cancer from epithelium card heart, heart-shape carot great neck arteries carpo wrist caus burn centesis puncture centr center cep(h) head, expanded part cephal head cept seize, take cereb(r) brain cervic neck ch(e)ir hand chemo chemistry chlor light green chol(e) bile chondr cartilage; grain chorea dance chori chorionic membrane chrom color chron time, long time chyle digested food juice cide killing, "falling" cise cut deep cili eyelash cion uvula clast break claustr barrier cleido collarbone, key clino bed clivus slope coagul coagulate, clot coccus berry coccyx cuckoo, cuckoo bill collic hill collo glue collus neck conios dust cond hard knob core dolly, pupil (of eye) cori leather corn horn cox(a) hip corp physical body cre(s)c grow cribi sieve crine secretion ("separation") cubit elbow cubo lay down cule little culpo vagina cuneo wedge cutis skin cyan dark blue cycl circle, wheel cysto urinary bladder cyto cell dacr tear (from the eye) dacty finger demos people dens tooth dent tooth derm skin desm harden, bind together desis binding desmo hard dextro right-sided diadocho succeed, take over didym twin digi(t) finger, toe diphth leathery membrane docho cup, container drepan sickle dromo running a race; course
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Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes - PSIO 201 Optional Handout...

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