PSIO 201 Syllabus 2011 - PSIO 201: HUMAN ANATOMY AND...

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PSIO 201: HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY COURSE SYLLABUS SUMMER SESSION I. 2011 Course Instructor: Claudia Stanescu, Ph.D. Office: Gittings 108 Phone: 621-2795 Email: [email protected] Graduate Teaching Assistants : Sierra Chandler (section 001A) Rebecca Gilbert (section 001B) Matthew Belzer (section 001C) Office: Gittings 3G Office: Gittings 3G Office: Gittings 3G Phone: 621-2933 Phone: 621-2933 Phone: 621-2933 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Adding/Switching sections If you need to add, or switch lab sections, please contact Dr. Stanescu. Adding and/or switching laboratory sections will be permitted during the first two days of classes if open seats are available. Attendance : Regular lecture and laboratory attendance is essential to student success in this course. If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting missed material from a classmate. Course instructors and teaching assistants will not give out lecture or lab notes, as they are not intended to supplement your notes or replace notes from missed classes. Make up labs will only be allowed under extreme circumstances. If you are unable to attend your laboratory section you must contact your TA, preferably prior to the lab. If the circumstances warrant it, your TA can arrange for you to attend another lab section. If you attend a different lab section without making arrangements through your TA, you will not receive credit for the points accumulated on any quiz or practical given on that day. Make-up quizzes will only be given outside of the lab under extreme circumstances. Lecture Exams : Lecture exams will be closed-book and will cover material presented in lecture as well as reading assignments specified in the class notes or by the instructor. Lecture exams are not cumulative, and will therefore only cover material since the last lecture exam. There will be four lecture examinations valued at 150 points each. Lecture exams will consist of 50 multiple choice questions; students will mark their answers on a scantron form. Make-up exams will consist of essay questions and will only be given under extreme circumstances, and only if the course coordinator is notified prior to the exam or immediately after the missed exam (the same day). Written documentation must be provided to explain the circumstances for the missed exam. If you fail to contact the course coordinator about the missed exam, a grade of zero will be recorded and not changed . Making personal travel plans that coincide with an exam date is not considered an extreme circumstance and will not be considered for make up exams. If you fail to take the final exam without notifying the course coordinator in advance, you will not be permitted to make up the exam. Students who arrive late for any exam may not be allowed to take the exam.
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This note was uploaded on 09/11/2011 for the course PSIO 201 taught by Professor Stanescu during the Summer '08 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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PSIO 201 Syllabus 2011 - PSIO 201: HUMAN ANATOMY AND...

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