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reflexes and cow eye

reflexes and cow eye - Nervous system 2 1 Exercise 24 n Pgs...

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Unformatted text preview: Nervous system 2 1 Exercise 24 n Pgs 360 to 362 2 Structures of the Eyeball n n n n n n Sclera Cornea Conjunctiva Iris Pupil Optic nerve 3 Structures of the Eyeball n n n n n n n n n Ciliary body Lens Suspensory ligaments Retina Optic disc Choroid Tapetum lucidum Aqueous humor Vitreous humor 4 Sheep eye exterior 5 Sheep eye interior 6 What is a reflex? n n n n Rapid, automatic, and involuntary response to a stimulus Protective Occurs without decision making Sensory receptors allow us to be aware of reflexes Proprioceptors n Visual receptors n 7 Reflex Arc n n n n n n The path or circuitry of the impulse from stimulus to response Sensory receptor Sensory neuron Integrating center Motor neuron Effector 8 Classification of reflexes n n n n Cranial vs. Spinal Somatic vs. Autonomic Monosynaptic vs. Polysynaptic Ipsilateral vs. Contralateral 9 Special vs. General Senses n Special senses n n Visual, auditory, gustatory, or olfactory receptors General senses Somatic sensory receptors n Visceral sensory receptors n 10 Structural classes of receptors n General sensations n n n Free nerve endings Encapsulated nerve endings Special sensations n Receptor cells 11 Receptors with free nerve endings n Temperature n n n Pain n n Warm receptors Cold receptors Nociceptors Touch n Merkel discs 12 Receptors with encapsulated nerve endings n Touch n n Pressure n n Meissner’s corpuscles Pacinian corpuscles Stretch n Muscle spindles 13 Table 23.1 Somatic Sensory Receptors 14 Receptor field n n An area within which a sensory receptor can respond to a stimulus Size of the field differs depending on the location on the body n i.e. palm of hand vs. calf 15 Practical Info n n n Start time: Wednesday 2:30 25 stations each 1.5 mins Nervous tissue, brain structure and function, cranial nerves, structure of the eyeball, reflexes, and general senses (any bold terms from the reflex/sensation handout) 16 ...
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