calibrate - '); CAMERA_VIEW_WIDTH_M = input('\nHow wide is...

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function calibrate() % CALIBRATE % ********* % This function asks the user for and stores the height and width of the % camera's view, in centimeters, so that examine.m can output data in % real-world units. % clc c % Print a banner. banner = sprintf('\nMEAM 147: Introduction to Mechanics Lab\nUniversity of Pennsylvania\nProfessor K. J. Kuchenbecker\n\n'); disp(banner); clear banner; d CAMERA_VIEW_HEIGHT_M = input('How tall is the camera''s view, in meters?
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Unformatted text preview: '); CAMERA_VIEW_WIDTH_M = input('\nHow wide is the camera''s view, in meters? '); CAMERA_FRAME_RATE_FPS = input('\nAt what speed is the camera capturing video, in frames per second? '); disp('\n') d save camera_calibration.mat CAMERA_VIEW_HEIGHT_M CAMERA_VIEW_WIDTH_M CAMERA_FRAME_RATE_FPS;...
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