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BATCHFILE for SHP2BND - this file as SHP2BND.bat(3 Place...

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ESE502 Tony E. Smith BATCHFILE FOR USING SHP2BND The following is a procedure for using SHP2BND in the MUSA Lab (thanks to Darryl Depencier and Ankit Jain). This procedure allows SHP2BND to be run directly from a batch file, rather than using the DOS prompt in WINDOWS. It will work for any polygon shapefile in ARCMAP. But for illustration, we shall use the shapefile, ugand_bd , required for Assignment 2. (1) Copy and paste the following code into NOTEPAD and save as a text file with the name: SHP2BND.txt @echo off echo This is a batch file for using SHP2BND.exe pause shp2bnd ugand_bd (2) Now rename
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Unformatted text preview: this file as SHP2BND.bat (3) Place SHP2BND.bat together with the shapefile, ugand_bd , and the executable file, SHP2BND.exe all in the same directory. (4) Double click on the file, SHP2BND.bat , and a DOS window will open with the message: This is a batch file for using SHP2BND.exe Press any key to continue . . . (5) Hit return, and continue until the DOS screen reappears with message Press Enter to continue (6) Do so, and (if all went well) you will now see that the file, ugand_bd.BND , has appeared in the same directory as above. This is the desired boundary file to import to MATLAB....
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