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categorical: ordinal or nominal numerical: interval (no absolute zero) and ratios likert scale: strongly agree disagree recoding: bulding a new variable from another aggregate: reduce rows by summing values time series: data recorded over time timeplot: graph of time series showing values in chronological order frequency: regular time spacing of data cross-sectional: data observed at the same time charts better than tables for summarizing more than 5 cat bar chart: for ordinal category variable for discrete values pareto chart: bar chart with cat sorted by frequency A pareto chart is to be constructed with vertical bar the leftmost category is the highest number pie chart: for market share or proportions histogram: like bar chart but for continuous values White space rule, if lots of white means data occupy a small part of the histogram and shows little variation Wider bins produce a histogram with fewer modes than would be found in a histogram with narrow bins boxplot: the box not the trait: lower median upper and the traits are 1.5IQR scatterplot: points on graph with x-axis as explanatory variable and y-axis as response variable mode: the highest frequency (number appears the most) the highest bar median: sort the data and chose the middle one or the average of the two middle ones (50th percentile) When the mean is greater than the median then the distribution is skewed right
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cribsheet - categorical ordinal or nominal numerical...

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