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LITTLEFIELD GAME #2 WRITE-UP Prior to the start of Littlefield game #2, our team analyzed our process specifically the queues, the machine utilizations and the Work In Process. We came to the conclusion that we should increase the reorder point to 50 but we were not sure if there was a need for another machine 1. Therefore, we started by limiting the WIP to see if there was a real need for a machine purchase. We also decreased the lead-time to 3-day contracts because
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Unformatted text preview: we were not confident we were able to handle 1 day contracts. After a few days into the game, we noticed that kits queued for machine 1 was really high so we adjusted the WIP. Following those adjustments, we were still not performing better than the other teams; in this sense, we decided to increase our contracts from $750 to $1000 with a 1-day lead-time and increasing the WIP....
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