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Root Beer Game BUAD311 – Operations Management Spring 2011 Amy Ward Section 14905 You need one laptop per group in Session 26 on 4/14. Flash 9 or later is required. You must have registered online by class Tuesday on 4/12. [Registration] You need to purchase a license ($7.50) per student. Note: Even if you don’t bring a laptop, a license is required to participate in the game. Go to: http://forio.com/signup/F1656740 and follow the instruction. After completing the registration, you will be prompted to
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Unformatted text preview: a payment. After submitting payment, you will receive a link to the simulation game. [Preparation] Using your login ID and password, log on to the game site. Please read the “Prepare” section before you come to class. Note to Mac users: Safari browser is known to have some issues with Root Beer Game. Try to use Firefox or Explorer....
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