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Homework #3 Decision Analysis and Revenue Management BUAD311- Operations Management Spring 2011 Amy Ward Due in-class on April 7 Homework 3 has a maximum of 50 points. There are 3 questions. Students can discuss homework questions with each other, with TAs, or with the instructor, provided that the actual work is done individually. Do not just provide answers. Show your work. Explain, wherever applicable, how you come to your answer. You may not receive a full credit if you just provide an answer without showing any work.
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1. (10 points) Martin Denny started a business of rehabbing old homes. He recently purchased a circa-1800 Victorian mansion and converted it into a three-family residence. Recently, one of his tenants complained that the refrigerator was not working properly. As Martin’s cash flow was not extensive, he was not excited about purchasing a new refrigerator. He is considering two other options: purchase a used refrigerator or repair the current unit. He can purchase a new one for $400, and it will easily last three years. If he repairs the current one, he estimates
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hw_3_aw - Homework#3 Decision Analysis and Revenue...

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