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Brandon Ogle Sue Crannell English 111 M33 October 5th, 2009 Why Sustainable Development Is Necessary For NM Today approximately 7 billion people reside and depend on the planet Earth. Earth is the only planet that we know can support life. It is the only planet in our solar system with oxygen in its atmosphere, and it is the perfect distance away from the sun, allowing us to have an available water supply. We can only expect the population to rise, and this means we can expect a higher output of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emis- sions along with it. We must cut back on our dependency of fossil fuels and search for an alternative method. In cities around the world, people are converting from dangerous fossil fuels to green energies that sustain the life of our planet. If we want our planet to continue to support life, we must lower our emissions of these dangerous gases that are slowly destroying our only home. Green technologies will eventually reverse the effects of Global Warming and end our dependency on fossil fuels. If New Mexico were to im- plement a building code based on green energies, we would greatly improve our stand- ard of living and the environment in which we live. In the past, people would argue that green technologies like solar power were not
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Documented Essay Windows Friendly - Brandon Ogle Sue...

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