S&P 070129 - (Lvl 1.) Biological (neuroscience)...

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(Lvl 1.) Biological (neuroscience) Relationship between perception and brain events i. Lesion studies (neuropsychology) Natural/Artifical lesions Locus correlation from lesions o Area MT of brain, if lesioned, causes motion blindness. Could be caused by all sorts of interconnected neurons. o Correlation is not causation ii. Single-cell recording: Measure electrical activity from a single neuron using a microelectrode iii. Evoked potential or event-related potential: record brain activity using electrodes on scalp Difficulties: (a) hard to pinpoint precise point in brain and (b) many signals may be too weak to detect iv. Neuroimaging: highly active regions require more oxygen and more blood sugar Pet; fMRI Subtractive logic – subtract control from experiment LIGHT Dual nature – acts both as a particle and as a wave Light (The Particle) Travels in straight lines, as a “ray”, unless it is obstructed and reflected or absorbed Smallest packet of light energy is called a “photon”
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S&P 070129 - (Lvl 1.) Biological (neuroscience)...

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