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mgt 0908 - This is very true I feel that when some one does...

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Randa Ring 09/08/2011 MGT/210 Impact of Marketing Work-Place Diversity on Employee Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment.
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What this article is talking about is the diversity in the work force. They where examining 6 diversity arguments that where often used by the U.S. firms and as well that where accepted by employees. They had also surveyed U.S workers about diversity issues at work. It seems to be an issue in the work place some feel that they do not gain any advancement because of there differences. I really do agree with what the article has to say about diversity in the work place. I do feel that sometimes there are issues with advancement based on certain issues. They state that “ Employees who perceive their employment as attributable to their demographic status rather than to their qualifications often suffer negative self-perceptions of competence.”
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Unformatted text preview: This is very true, I feel that when some one does not care about the position that they are in then there work ethic suffers as well as the job performance. It is also reported that women with in the work place that hold ‘token” positions lack satisfaction with work as well less satisfaction with fellow employees. I think that supervisors can really use this piece to truly understand what some employees could be going threw. It is very important to understand how each one feels because sometimes it could effect the way they are doing there job. As well how they are getting along with others. I feel that this article could really teach any one how to change certain issues that might be going on with diversity. It provides method as well even results. References • Journal of Social Psychology ; Jun2000, Vol. 140 Issue 3, p367-377, 11p...
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