pg.167 - synonyms for support are evidence, proof, facts,...

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Jacqueline Reyes Review Questions Professor Trent 11/11/10 EN102 Pg. 167 #1-5 1) The Toulmin model has six parts for an argument. The first three can be found in any argument. It starts with the claim which is the main purpose for the argument. Then comes the support which is the reasons and examples for the claim. Next, is the warrant which is an assumed statement one gets by combining the claim and support. The last three parts are use to make an argument more convincing to a specific audience. The backing is the additional evidence given that is aim to those who may reject the claim. Then follows the rebuttal which can be the counterarguments for the claim. Finally, there is the qualifiers which are words that are use to show the probability of the argument. 2) Synonyms for claim can be thesis, proposition, conclusion and main points. The
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Unformatted text preview: synonyms for support are evidence, proof, facts, and data. Some synonyms for warrants are assumptions, cultural values, unstated premises, and general principles. 3) Subclaims are arguments that support the claim. Some types of specific support can be opinions, reasoning, evidence, or factual information. 4) Warrants are statements that are made by combining the claim and support together to provide an overall assumption. If the warrants are shared by the arguer and the audience, then the argument becomes persuasive. Backing basically supports the warrant. It gives further evidence to help continue those that are still not convinced with the argument. 5) Example of qualifiers are words such as sometimes, may be, might, some, a few, and possibly....
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pg.167 - synonyms for support are evidence, proof, facts,...

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