short paper #3 - Jacqueline Reyes 10/17/10 SO101 Short...

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Jacqueline Reyes 10/17/10 SO101 Short paper 3 The Affects of Roles Several years back a psychology professor, Zimbardo, from Stanford University performed a study in where he wanted to observe the changes a role can have on a person’s behavior. What influence Zimbardo to conduct this research was his fascination “with the social dynamics of prisons, especially the social interaction that takes place between guards and prisoners” (Haney, Banks, Zimbardo 43). The study was done in a mock prison, where each participant was assigned the role of being a prisoner or a guard. With this idea in mind, they came up with a dispositional hypothesis. The hypothesis was that a person’s assigned role, would lead to a change in their behavior towards others and themselves. To conduct the research, they selected the participants through the method of volunteer and random sampling. It first started off with 75 males who volunteered to participate in the study for $15 per each day they did the research. Then 24 of those males who were classified as “most stable” were chosen for the study. Once, the participants were gathered they were randomly given the role of being either a guard or a prisoner. (Haney, Banks, Zimbardo 44). Based on what role that person
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short paper #3 - Jacqueline Reyes 10/17/10 SO101 Short...

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