short paper #4 - Jacqueline Reyes SO101 Short paper 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Jacqueline Reyes 10/19/10 SO101 Short paper 4 Analyzing a Situation A situation that I encounter daily is going to work every morning. I work in a catering office with other employees. My social role in the situation is being an assistant and employee. The social role of other people in the office is being a sales person and co-worker. I have to communicate with my fellow co-workers all the time; helping my supervisor put in all the orders into the system. Where this activity takes place becomes the front stage of this situation, which is the sales office. In this stage everyone has to act in a professional manner; prepare to work and complete their tasks. Since we all have to work together, it is important for everyone to get along. In this stage the main goal is to get the job done. However once you are out of the office, how you act changes. This becomes the back stage of the situation. Before coming to the office every morning, I have to prepare myself to be able to perform my role. This preparation is done in the back stage, where I get myself ready to present myself to work. In my role....
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short paper #4 - Jacqueline Reyes SO101 Short paper 4...

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