Short paper #6 - Jacqueline Reyes 11/08/10 SO101 Short...

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Unformatted text preview: Jacqueline Reyes 11/08/10 SO101 Short paper #6 Social Class Makes Things Work Differently According to the film, there was a tofu war going on in Burlington, Vermont. The conflict was between two main social classes, which where the upper middle class and the lower class. The upper middle class liked shopping at the Co-Op grocery store. To them the store was excellent in providing healthy and organic foods. This class did not mind the prices being high, but this was not the case for the lower class. The lower class refused to shop at the Co-Op because the prices were too high and there wasnt any cheaper food. As a result, they shop at Shaws, a grocery store much further away from the community. The dispute was based on what grocery store would remain open. If I was a part of this community, I would side with the lower class people because it was reasonable why they were upset. There are families that have a low income, and as much as they would like to think healthy like the upper middle class, they cant. They shop where they can find foods at cheaper prices. At the end of the day the middle class, they cant....
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This note was uploaded on 09/11/2011 for the course SOC-SOC SO101 taught by Professor Takikomorisaunders during the Fall '10 term at Montgomery CC.

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Short paper #6 - Jacqueline Reyes 11/08/10 SO101 Short...

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