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Culture of Honor - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder June 2 2009 Soc...

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June 2, 2009 Soc 02 Self and Society TA Krysti Hilton Culture of Honor “Culture of honor” is a term used to describe the violent and aggressive culture of the American south. The word “honor” is not used in the way that it means pride, respect, or nobility. In fact, “they use honor not in the sense of probity of character but in the sense of status and power” (Nisbett and Cohen xvi). To say that the American south has a “culture of honor” is that this area of our country merely shares many aspects of other cultures with an honor system seen in other countries (Nisbett and Cohen xvi). One of the main aspects of this culture is the use of violence and aggression in order to maintain a reputation. This quality is important for any man in a region where obtaining and protecting resources depends on the community’s impression that the man cannot be stolen from or insulted without consequence. Being tough is a major part of this culture because of its usefulness in deterring any outside aggression or interference in that man’s affairs. There are many ways to promote a man’s “honor”, one of which is public display of toughness such as punishing a thief for stealing. Some southern men used to go as far as killing someone for stealing a cow. Even to this day, this same violence is maintained in this region of our country. This “culture of honor” is an enduring part of their society, which can be seen in other places on our planet. These violent cultures seem to occur in areas with the same characteristics. Such cultures are seen where other men can thieve a man’s resources in full. Herdsmen from Scotland and Ireland settled the southern United States. Herding, more than farming tends to place great
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Culture of Honor - Pinder 1 Darren Pinder June 2 2009 Soc...

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