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A WORLD APART 1 A World Apart Karen M. Overbey CJS/230 April 5, 2011 Neal Brumley
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A WORLD APART 2 A World Apart The country that I chose to compare to the correction system of the United States is the correction system of Ireland. I will discuss the differences and similarities of the management, security levels, and rehabilitation. The mission of the Irish Prison Service is much like that of the correction system in the United States; to provide safe, secure, and humane custody for the offenders who are incarcerated. The correction services of both countries are committed to managing custodial services while encouraging the offenders to become law abiding citizens once they have served their sentence and are released. In early Ireland, as in the United States, inhume punishments such as flogging, branding, and the gallows were used to deter crime. The Irish prison System is one of the oldest institutions in Ireland, going back to 1854 when the British Administration appointed three directors to administer convict prisons of Ireland in an attempt to reform the country’s prisons. During the first half of the 19 th Century, the two main forms of punishment were capital punishment or transportation to the American Colonies and later to Australia. The decline of transportation was due to complaints from the Colonies about the caliber of inmates being sent to this country. In 1853, the British Parliament passed legislation that replaced transportation with penal servitude in the form of prison sentences. In 1877 the General Prison Act of Ireland was passed which established a General Prison Board which was answerable to the chief secretary of Ireland and the legislation gave the central government administrative and financial responsibility for the management of Ireland’s prisons. This period experienced the enactment of legislation that laid the foundation for the present day prisons of Ireland to make the system more humane while still holding the offender
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A WORLD APART - A WORLD APART 1 A World Apart Karen M...

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