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Parenting and Development Karen M. Overbey March 7, 2011 There are three parenting styles; they are authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. Which style a parent uses in child rearing can dictate what kind of adult the child will one day become. Authoritative parenting is when parents are strict and demand mature behavior. They partner this style with the willingness to reason with the child with love, support, and respect. These parents have high expectations for the child, but they explain the expectations and help the child reach their goals. Adults that are brought up with this type of parenting usually become responsible and respectful individuals because they given boundaries that are based on respect, love, and the support they need to grow. They grow up to be assertive and independent while showing respect and caring for other individuals, which are personality traits that will get them far in life. Authoritarian parenting is when parents see obedience as a virtue and have set strict
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Parenting+Styles+and+Development[1] - Parenting and...

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