Police Report-Witnesses - Karen Overbey Police Report...

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Karen Overbey Police Report Witness Report Soapy Waters- I am the janitor at Mickey’s Diner on Main Street and worked until 12:15 AM on the night of the alleged burglary. After work, I began to walk home west on Main Street until I reached First Street where I turned south onto First Street. At the corner of First Street and the service alley that runs behind Marquette’s Market and other businesses on Main Street the defendant ran into me, almost knocking me over. When he ran into me I yelled at him and asked him what was his hurry, and he said “None of your business old man!” He was running out from the alley. Riff was carrying a tan money bag in his right hand and when he ran into me he dropped two one dollar bills which he didn’t stop to pick up. I yelled to Riff that he had dropped something but he didn’t stop so I picked it up and decided to have a few beers at Tony’s. I left Tony’s shortly after 1:00AM and started home when I saw a squad car parked in front of Marquette’s Market where Officer Schield was standing by his car and I asked him what was going on. He told me the market had been burglarized, probably between 12:05-12:25. I then told him about Riff and his wad of money. He got a description from me, Riff was wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket, the jacket was one of the band jackets the kids wear around town. Betty Biddy- I am a nurse at the Midtown Memorial Hospital where I work as a coronary heart unit on the evening shift (and neighbor of Ronald Riff). On the night of the alleged burglary, I got off work at 12:15 AM, punched out, and walked to the hospital parking lot with a friend. We talked for a few minutes and I got in my car and drove home. I only live two blocks from the hospital, so I got home at 12:25. I just got my car in the garage, which is behind my house and I was closing my garage door when I saw someone running towards me. I have two flood lights on my garage and
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Police Report-Witnesses - Karen Overbey Police Report...

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