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Probation - PROBATION 1 Probation Karen M Overbey CJS/230...

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PROBATION 1 Probation Karen M. Overbey CJS/230 April 1, 2011 Neal Brumley
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PROBATION 2 Probation Probation is a method where the punishment of a convicted offender is conditionally suspended. Not all offenders are eligible for probation, many states use statutory restrictions to deny probation to violent criminals and repeat offenders. This method is usually for offenders whose rehabilitation is felt to be better served in community care rather than incarceration. Probation is considered a process that involves such elements as investigating, reporting, and supervising offenders and the goal of probation is the modification of criminal behavior through a structured program of community service. Offenders who are placed on probation are subject to conditions that fall into three categories; standard conditions, punitive conditions, and treatment conditions. Standard conditions are imposed on all probationers and include reporting to a probation officer, notifying the office of any address change, remaining employed, and not leaving the jurisdiction without permission. Punitive conditions are established to reflect the seriousness of the offense and
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