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Psychology Final - 1 Psychology Final Project Karen M...

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1 Psychology Final Project Karen M. Overbey CJS/210 March 30, 2011 Kim Sexton 1. Any changes in an individual’s life can cause stress; this can be positive changes such as marriage or a move to a new city, or negative changes such as the death of a loved one, a miscarriage, or an ailing parent. Marketing itself can be a stressful career, and commuting for an hour each way to work can be nerve wracking. Antonio’s family may mean well, but by pressuring Jennifer about another baby is the wrong thing to do, the last thing Jennifer needs to for someone to add more stress on the full plate she is already juggling. Jennifer has gone through some drastic changes in a short period of time, and although she insists she is happy and not stressed her feeling of being overwhelmed, being tired all the time, making mistakes at work, unable to keep the house work up, and the pain she is experiencing tell another story. She has been to the doctor on numerous occasions within a six month time frame for illnesses that have no explanation; these illnesses are brought on by the stress that Jennifer is experiencing and this stress could also have had something to cause the miscarriage that Jennifer experienced which just added to the stress she was already feeling. Having to make a decision about placing her father in a residential home is also weighing heavily on Jennifer adding to all the stress she is feeling. 2. Self- concept is how we see ourselves and self- esteem is how we feel about ourselves and affected by social approval and competence. For Jennifer, she is stressed at work and has found herself making mistakes she normally wouldn’t make and unable to concentrate and she is used to people coming to her for help, because her self-esteem is low she will begin to second guess herself and possibly make even more mistakes. The failure that she feels at work and at home will make her self-esteem fall even lower. She has begun to question her effectiveness as an employee and a wife because she feels she has she is letting everyone down, both at work and at home, and she is questioning her competence. The miscarriage has had a devastating affect on Jennifer and this also probably makes her feel like a failure as a woman, and a failure to her husband and her marriage.
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Jennifer needs to communicate these feelings with her husband so they can work
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