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Running head: TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION 1 Technology and Communication Karen Overbey CJA/304 May 23, 2011 Derrick Horton
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TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION 2 Abstract With the advances in technology and the changes in crime, technology has become a useful tool used by criminal justice organizations throughout the country. These technologies have made it possible for criminal justice organizations to communicate and exchange information concerning criminal activity. The exchange of information can help the police do a more thorough job of fighting crime and keeping the community safe from crime. This paper will explain how mobile data terminals and iris scans affect the communication capabilities of the criminal justice organizations. Technology and Communication The mobile data terminals allow police officers to immediately retrieve access to crime related data from their police cars. In 1967, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation established the National Crime Information System. This system provided computerized information to police agencies across the country which included mug shots, scars and tattoos, and past criminal records. The police officers in the field were then able to radio to the department and an officer there would search for the needed information from this database. The development of mobile data terminals allowed the police to access the information in the field, saving valuable time. This system helps police to gain information about an individual before leaving the patrol car because the mobile data terminal is linked to the same national database that the police department has access to, which keeps the field officer safer. Mobile data terminals are windows-based screens that help to make entry and reporting easy, clear, and concise. Mobile inquires automatically search federal, state, and local databases and link directly to department
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Technology and Communication - Running head TECHNOLOGY AND...

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