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Before taking this class I was not sure what kind of things certain groups faced. I knew a little bit about segregation and racism, but I did not completely understand it. After taking this class I know about certain laws that have been passed and some laws that still need to pass before any minority can actually live in peace. There was this section we had to read about the Asian Americans and I did not actually know that they faced so many different hardships. I have learned a lot of things about my cultures I did not learn them from the chapters we read, but it made me want to look up information about my culture and I learned so many different things that I did not know before.
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Unformatted text preview: I am German and I have some ancestors that worked under Hitler and I did not know much about him, but after wanting to look it up I found out so much information. I think that in the year 2050 minorities will not be considered minorities anymore and they will all be looked at as the same. Every couple years things change and it gets better as it goes on. So I believe that in 2050 everyone will be equal. I think how they should best prepare is by creating new laws that help people out for the better, that way if it does not pass right away it will pass when our children grow up that way they will not have to go through the changes when they are having their own kids....
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