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I think that the love relationship that I could write about would be the relationship between me and my mother. Her and I have had a really bad past so we do not get along as mother and daughter should I am more close to my father. Some strategies I believe I could use is make put everything in the past and just forget about it and talk to her more than I should. Another thing I could do is start over from scratch and act like nothing ever happened. How the relationship would be strengthened is we would have a god relationship and I would be able to be around her and not get annoyed as easily as I do with her. I would be able to do more things
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Unformatted text preview: with my mother like go shopping, go to eat, and even go to the movies. I think that, that would be a great feeling to have. Many people wonder why I do not have a mother daughter relationship and I tell them if I could put things in the past then it would be easy for me, I wish nothing ever happened that way I could have that relationship, but it is just not that easy for me. I hope in the end or in the sometime future things can go back to how they were before this big mess started in the first place....
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