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I believe something needs to be done about his quick because people’s lives are at stake and if something is not done then adults and children may start to die. After digging deep and realizing that the gas company may have something to do with this, I believe that the health department needs to get in there and see if they can find something and tell them about the illnesses. The gas company may take offense to it because they maybe falsely accused, but if we are able to find more things on it then maybe we can use that. We need to figure out how close the gas plant is to the residential area and also see where the gas lines are that way that is one things we can bring up to them. If we are able to come and work together on this then we will be able to get this solved. I know I do not want anything else to get worse than it already has. I know that we cannot move the gas company farther away, but maybe if we can figure out where all the underground gas lines are then maybe we see if one of them as a
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