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I think that if you have the option of renting or owning you should own instead of renting. I think that this is a good option because of all the values that owning has over renting. If you own your own home you can make any changes you want to it without getting into trouble. You have the satisfaction of telling friend and family that you own it. With renting if you attempt to make any sort of changes your landlord may not approve. If you add up all expenses that you could have for the year owning your house makes it cheaper for you. If you break something in your house you won’t have to make sure it is fixed. I mean it is a good thing that you get it fixed, but it isn’t necessary. In previous discussion questions and assignments I listed pros and cons of each. Renting came in dead last, even though I am renting at the moment from all the information I have gathered I would recommend to everyone that they need to won their houses. The only downfall that I see to owning is if you get sick of your neighbors you can’t move as easy,
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