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The topic that we were able to choose from is renting an apartment is better than owning a house and I want people to disagree with this. My point of view is going to be why owning is better than renting. My personal opinion is over all without even having to research owning is way better. I don’t own a house at the moment, but with people that I have seen they seem to be so much happier when they are able to have their own house. I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with what I have to say, but the whole point is to have everyone change their minds and go with my point of view. The main reason why I decided to disagree is because I like to be able to save money and right now since I am renting I am losing out on a lot of money. I talked to my parents and had them compare all their bills with mine and after we totaled everything up in the end they ended up saving way more money than me. When you go to your landlord and sign your lease they make it sound like you are getting a deal with what you are paying. If you
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