Information to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals

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Unformatted text preview: Harmful Toxic Chemicals and the Damage it Does Toxic chemicals hurt our environment in every way; companies do not realize that the toxins they are releasing from their plant are hurting our animals, the oceans and even the humans themselves. On the green peace website it stated that after 9/11 The Department of Homeland Security has identified 4,997 chemical facilities that are at “high-risk.”( Green Peace Eliminate Toxic Chemicals, Retrieved from: . ) After I read that statement that just tells me how many harmful chemicals are out there. 9/11 was 10 years ago that number could have multiplied twice that since then. One way to solve this problem is to build plants that are not by any wild life and then try and contain it. We all need to work together in our communities and figure out a plan that will help solve this. At this moment I do not have any kids, but I do not want my kids to be living in an environment that they cannot even walk outside...
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