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job resume1

job resume1 - Toledo Ohio I delivered the pizzas to the...

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Erica Kinzel 2906 Indianola Toledo, Ohio 43614 419-277-1730 [email protected] SUMMARY I am dedicated and a friendly hard worker. I like to make sure all tasks are completed before I move onto the next one. QUALIFICATIONS What makes me qualified for any of the jobs that I am applying for is I know how to handle large amounts of money. I also have leadership skills and very good customer service skills. Almost every job that I had I had to do a lot of cleaning. I am a very friendly person, so that is why my previous employers wanted me to be on a register, so that we could get good feedback from the customers. I am also very good with computers. I know pretty much everything about them, I can type fast and I am good with a lot of office programs including microsoft office. I know how to use the internet well, I can search the web fast and find all the information that I would need to find. WORK EXPERIENCE 2010 - 2010 Delivery Driver The Original Gino's Pizza
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Unformatted text preview: Toledo, Ohio I delivered the pizzas to the customers and was responsible for large amounts of cash at one time. I also was a closer so I had to clean and make sure everything was in order for the morning crew. • I was there best delivery driver. I got mainly the most hours because I was willing to go the extra mile to get what I needed done. 2010 - 2010 Crew Member Little Caesers Sylvania, Ohio I was a basic crew member. I made the pizzas and handled cash because they always had me on front counter. 2007 - 2010 Crew Trainer Taco Bell Toledo, Ohio I had to train all new crew members on all the positions that were available. Then when it came time to re-certify existing crew people I was responsible for that. • I was the best Crew Trainer they had. Every time I trained someone it was done right and correct. EDUCATION 2010 - 2012 University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona 2009 Ohio Virtual Academy Maumee, OH...
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job resume1 - Toledo Ohio I delivered the pizzas to the...

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