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After I reviewed my outline and the paragraphs that I turned in, I will be able to use compare and contrast paragraphs in my final paper. There are so many things that I will be able to compare and contrast. My final paper is about why owning a house is better than renting one. When I first read that topic, there were so many things that popped in to my head. With the way that I set up my outline, it was easy for me to put two and two together. I kind of have my outline set up like I am comparing and contrasting, in case I needed to do that in my essay. I have had many different people read my outline and paragraphs and they disagree with me. They don’t think that it will be easy for me to compare and contrast. In my first paragraph that I wrote in week four I stated that owning a house as more values than renting one and that is true. There are still a few things that these two have in common. You have the feeling of having somewhere to live also. The satisfaction of knowing that you are able to learn how to save money and being able to pay things for yourself. I know
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