Week 2 Assignment - Diversity

Week 2 Assignment - Diversity - DIVERSITY: YES IT MATTERS!...

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DIVERSITY: YES IT MATTERS!! 1 Diversity: Yes It Matters!! Yolanda Franklin BUS 610 Prof. March 14, 2011
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DIVERSITY: YES IT MATTERS!! 2 Diversity: Yes It Matters!! As quoted by Marlene G., " The key to managing a diverse workforce is increasing individual awareness of and sensitivity to differences of race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, physical ability, and age ." Employing and managing diverse people gives us a more rounded and balanced organization and makes us more adaptable to new situations. This is not simply about gender, ethnicity, disability or age: it is about open mindedness, embracing non- conformity and creating balanced teams. Respect for individuals of all types will inspire loyalty in both employees and customers, which will have a direct line of sight to the achievement of business goals. “Many mistake or limit the understanding of workplace diversity to cultural diversity in the workplace . It's goes a little beyond that. Workplace diversity stretches to the ways in which people experience unique group identity by relating to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and age. All these factors culminate into dynamic diversity of a workplace.” (p. Organizations are divided into three categories, depending on their structural integration. The first type of organization is called the monolithic organization, where the presence of diversity is minimal. The second type is plural organization, where the shade of diversity improves. The third type is called as multicultural organization, which values diversity above employing it. Today every organization and every institution multicultural for it's innumerable advantages.
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Week 2 Assignment - Diversity - DIVERSITY: YES IT MATTERS!...

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