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interpoflagran - [C2,L]=lagran(x,y polyval(C2,2...

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%use quad lagran interp p2(x) on nodes x0, x1, x2 to approx f(2) and f(2.4) x=[nodes]; y=function given [C,L]=lagran(x,y) polyval(C,2) polyval(C,2.4) %use cubic lagran interp p3(x) on nodes xo,x1,x2,x3 to approx f(2) and %f(2.4) x=[nodes]; y=function given;
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Unformatted text preview: [C2,L]=lagran(x,y) polyval(C2,2) polyval(C2,2.4) %plot p2x and p3x and original function on interval---x2=linspace(interval); y=function given; y0=polyval(C,x2); y2=polyval(C2,x2); plot(x2,y,x,y0,x,y2) legend('function','quad','cube')...
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