HW_1 - It should have all the Functions the current machine...

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MAE 486: Design of Mechanical Systems Spring 2011 Rutgers the State University of New Jersey Homework 1 Assigned: September 9 th . Due: September 21 st . NOTE : a. Write down all steps explicitly in logical way —Correct answers without showing the steps clearly will get ZERO credit; b. Don’t skip steps in deriving the results, explain the main equations in your derivation; c. Write down the unit of your answer (when applicable); d. For group project, list all the team members’ names on the ±rst page, with every team member’s signature; We will only grade portions of the homework — answer all the questions correctly to get full credit ( don’t skip questions )! H1-1
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Write a product design specifcation For a dehumidifer: The dehumidifer is widely used in areas oF hot and humid summer (including New Jersey, oF course). Go and look at current dehumidifer and see what are needed For the next-generation dehumidifers. The possible points to consider include:
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Unformatted text preview: It should have all the Functions the current machine provided; It should meet all the regulation and saFety requirements; It should be much more quieter; It should be Friendly to the environment during its usage and aFter-liFe recycle (Think oF how the parts can be recycled); It should be more energy ecient; It should have other more advanced optional Features, For example, it can automatically notiFy the user by a text message or other convenient way that the bucket is Full. Or it can move around the room by itselF when it is workingto be more ecient and quieter too. It is up to your imagination as you can justiFy the needs. It should ft in the budget requirementsTo meet those needs, estimate the required cost and include that in the description too. H1-2...
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HW_1 - It should have all the Functions the current machine...

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