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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Plan Power Plants, 2011 # Lecture Title Topics Quiz # Quiz Topic Other Assignments or Presentations 1 Course Topics; Components of a modern centralized power plant ; 2 Historical Perspectives; Timeline of Progress; 3 Properties of Fluids Review of Properties of Steam; presentation of software for steam, air and other fluid properties Download Cyclepad 4 Review of Relevant Thermodynamics Mechanical Work; Heat; 1st Law for control mass; Control Volume First Law; Thermodynamic Devices; Specific Heats; Air tables; The 2nd Law; Gibbs Equations; Isentropic Relations; Named Processes; Heat Engines; Cycles (Actual and Model); The Carnot Cycle; Entropy considerations 1 Thermo use of steam Design groups form 5 Paradigm of Global Warming A counter presentation will be given. 6 The Rankine Cycle Rankine cycle - history; Idealized rankine cycle; Cycle equations; Realistic rankine cycles; Flash steam; Exit Pressure; Vacuum by other means; Low Pressure Considerations; Rankine- superheat;...
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